Part 12

п»їPrinciples of Marketing, 14e (Kotler)

Chapter 12 Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value

1) Which will of the subsequent is Not really a typical supply chain affiliate? A) resellers

B) clients

C) intermediaries

D) gov departments

E) raw materials supplier

Solution: D

Difference: 1 Site Ref: 340

Skill: Strategy

Objective: 12-1

2) ________ the manufacturer or service provider is definitely the set of firms that supply the raw materials, parts, parts, information, finances, and expertise had to create a services or products. A) Downstream from

B) Upstream by

C) Disintermediated from

D) Horizontal to

E) Parallel with

Response: B

Difference: 2 Web page Ref: 340

Skill: Strategy

Objective: 12-1

3) One other term to get the supply sequence that advises a sense and respond watch of the market is ________. A) supply and demand string

B) demand chain

C) channel of distribution

D) distribution funnel

E) physical distribution

Solution: B

Diff: 2 Page Ref: 340

Skill: Concept

Objective: 12-1

4) The moment suppliers, suppliers, and consumers partner with the other person to improve the performance in the entire system, they are engaged in a ________. A) benefit delivery network

B) funnel of circulation

C) supply chain

D) demand cycle

E) standard distribution funnel

Answer: A

Diff: 1 Page Ref: 341

Skill: Concept

Aim: 12-1

5) Most suppliers today sell their products directly to ________. A) final users

B) final users and promoting members

C) intermediaries

D) warehouses

E) third-party strategies providers

Solution: C

Diff: 2 Webpage Ref: 341

Skill: Strategy

Objective: 12-1

6) Through the economic system's point of view, the role of promoting intermediaries is to transform the assortment of products made by manufacturers into the assortment of products desired by ________. A) funnel members

B) distributors

C) consumers

D) manufacturers

E) marketers

Response: C

Difference: 2 Site Ref: 342

Skill: Idea

Objective: 12-1

7) Suppliers benefit from applying intermediaries since they ________. A) present greater performance in making products available to focus on markets B) bring a brand new point of view to strategy development

C) get rid of risk

D) are generally backlogged with orders

E) usually store products for longer than the usual few days

Solution: A

Diff: 3 Site Ref: 342

Skill: Concept

Objective: 12-1

8) Intermediaries play an essential role in matching ________. A) seller with consumer

B) supply and require

C) merchandise to location

D) manufacturer to product

E) information and advertising

Answer: W

Diff: a couple of Page Ref: 342

Skill: Concept

Target: 12-1

9) Channel people add worth by bridging the major gaps of ________ that individual goods and services from those who will use them. A) time, require, and type

B) place, possession, and form

C) time, place, and ownership

D) place, time, and need

E) place, will need, and circulation

Answer: C

Diff: 2 Page Ref: 342

Skill: Concept

Objective: 12-1

10) Which in the following is usually NOT a important function that intermediaries enjoy in completing transactions? A) promotion

B) information

C) matching

D) risk taking

E) arbitration

Answer: D

Diff: three or more Page Ref: 343

Skill: Concept

Aim: 12-1

11) Which from the following is NOT a essential function that intermediaries enjoy in helping to satisfy a finished transaction? A) physical syndication

B) advertising

C) funding

D) risk taking

E) storing products

Answer: N

Diff: several Page Ref: 343

Skill: Concept

Target: 12-1

12) In a(n) ________ channel, the same member both makes and redirects a product or service. A) tiered

B) direct

C) horizontal

D) vertical

E) exclusive

Answer: B

Diff: 2 Webpage Ref: 343

Skill: Concept

Objective: 12-1

13) In marketing terms, we admit the number of intermediary levels signifies the ________ of a channel. A) depth

B) difficulty

C) engagement

D) span

E) width

Answer: M




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