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Idea 1- The Indigenous Individuals and the Europeans

1 . Look at the passage below, and solution the queries that follow. The Taino (Arawak) and Kalinago (Caribs) were similar in several ways, but several in others. For example , their very own technology was quite comparable, but their politics organization was going to some extent distinct. Their technology was not as advanced since that of the Maya. a)Explain why Mayan technology is known as more advanced compared to the technology in the Arawaks and Caribs. (4 marks) b)Outline the ways when the technology of Taino and Kalinago had been similar. (9 marks) c)Describe FOUR ways the politics organization from the Arawaks was different to the political organization of the Caribs. (12 marks) Total: twenty-five Marks

2 . Imagine that you are a Taino cacique upon whose tropical isle the Spaniards settled in the early 1500s. You are experiencing a discussion with the Spanish settlers about the meeting of your culture with theirs. a. Explain the aspects of the Spanish presence in your isle that cause a problem to your people. (15 marks) w. Describe the characteristics of your lifestyle that have the majority of impressed the Spanish. (10 marks) several. Read the passing below and answer the questions in this article. The Europeans made contact with several different categories of Amerindians inside the Caribbean and mainland territories. Though comparable in some areas, there were marked differences among the groups. The Mayan civilization was heightened than the Carib and Arawak civilizations. a)Explain why the Mayan civilization might be considered ‘advanced'. ( 6 marks) b)In what ways was the political firm of EITHER the Caribs OR Arawaks different from that of the Cyber? (9 marks) c)In what ways was the social organization of the Carib and Arawaks similar? (10 marks) four. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follows Columbus finally got support from the House of worship and the Genoese merchants vacation. He likewise persuaded California king Isabella and King Ferdinand to support his plan. However , Columbus passed away without knowing what he obtained. a)Explain what wa Columbus's plan. (4 marks)

b)What arguments would Columbus value to get support for his plan coming from I. The Church?

2. The Retailers

III. Full Isabella and King Ferdinand? ( on the lookout for marks)

c)Explain the impact of Columbus's trip on European countries and on the ‘New World'. (12 marks) 5. What were the leaders of (a) the Taino and (b) the Kalinago peoples called? (2 marks) a. How was your Kalinago leader chosen? (2marks)

b. Illustrate THREE capabilities of the Kalinago leader (9marks) c. Describe THREE popular features of the politics system of POSSIBLY the Taino or the Mayan people. (12 marks) Total 25 marks

6. Throughout 1498- 1600, the imperialiste relationship between the Spanish and Indigenous people was dependant on two devices of time. This was the basis of The spanish language colonial contemporary society in the " new world ". a. Identity the TWO devices of work which were employed by Spain inside the New World. (2 marks) m. Name anybody who introduced EACH program. (2 marks)

c. Identify THREE requirements of these devices of labour. (9 marks) d. Look at THREE areas in which these kinds of systems of labour afflicted the Indigenous people. (12 marks) Total 25 represents

Theme 2: Caribbean Overall economy & Slavery

7. Recognize TWO Caribbean territories which produce cigarettes and TWO Caribbean territories which produce logwood inside the 1600s. (4 marks) a. Explain THREE reasons for the changeover from the production of tobacco to sugar in the 1600s. (9 marks) m. Examine THREE economic effects of the changeover from tobacco to glucose. (12 marks) Total twenty-five marks

almost 8. Identify 4 countries from where white indentured servants were recruited to the Caribbean. ( 4 marks) a. Clarify THREE explanations why enslaved Africans became the preferred or favoured labour power in the Carribbean in the 1600s. (9 marks) b. Analyze THREE reasons behind the noticeable increase in the necessity for captive Africans after 1700 in the British and French Carribbean. (12...



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