Outline intended for Health Information Mgmt Essay

Health Information Management


April 7, 2013

Michael Dufresne

DeVry University

I actually. Introduction

A. To be a good leader you may need the desire, self-discipline and then go through the never ending process of training, education and learning from knowledge. (Clark 2004)

B. Lauren Thompson-Director of Federal Health Architecture for Office of the National Planner for Information about health Technology

C. Simple introduction with the leader you have chosen- The leader I chose is Lauren Thompson. Currently she is the Acting Director, Specifications Division of school of the Countrywide Coordinator intended for Health Information Technology. She is responsible for the development and execution in the national overall health standards strategy. One of the tasks she has is overseeing the development of specifications to get health information technology infrastructures as well as the exchange details. (Thompson 2013)

D. In health care establishments, leadership expertise are named important around all disciplines. The quality of an innovator is important to aid the managerial function in most organization and not be neglected in medical environment.

E. Leadership in the current healthcare, style of leadership, about HIM, II. Health Information Technology

A. To further my own skills in Medical Payment and Coding.

W. End of 2014

C. Strengths/skills you will have to be successful as a Health Information Technologist – A health information supervisor (HIM) can be dedicated to the management of patient records and info, o people can acquire quality treatment and care. One of the major roles for this profession, is to carrying on to evolve and becoming fewer paper reliant and with the endless technological discoveries which elevated the efficiently of medical record keeping every single season. Just 20 years ago you walked in a file area and the room is filled with daily news now with the implementation of electronic wellness records (EHR), providers, health care...

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