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Some scholar said, " The future is owned by those who trust in the beauty of their very own dreams. ” I believe in it thus i believe in beauty of my dreams. I've dreams pertaining to my much loved motherland Pakistan. I have dreams for it because I was daughter with this soil, I like the relaxing breeze of its mountains, I sit down under its shady tress, I beverage the cool and fairly sweet water of its spring suspensions, it adores me like a mother and i also love it too much. Before I discuss my personal dreams, initial let's talk about today's Pakistan. Today in Pakistan, our countrymen are facing a large amount of problems. These problems contain terrorism, racism, provincialism, fanaticism, extremism and many other isms. Each one of these tendencies which usually fan the forces of separatism and disruption will be eliminated in case the main problem to social evils would be put down. In order to remedy the disease, we really need a diagnosis and i also will also look for the root reason for these ailments. The main problems we are facing today will be ignorance, disunity and low income. Come discussing talk about all of them and then the solutions to all of them. IGNORANCE! Ignorance is the fundamental mistake completed from previous fifty years when the authorities should have spent money about education for any. Do you know for what reason there was ignorance? It was as the people were uneducated. They don't have ways and the big power countries of the world were laughing to them. Pakistan i wanted is filled up with the best scholars of the world and everyone is well educated. Their roulade is always the same and that is " Education is the most powerful tool which can be utilized to change the world”. I can find in my desire that none of the learners has to keep the school as a result of teachers' tight behaviour. Universities, colleges and universities will be providing education not just operating as level issuing machines. People in the villages possess best educational institutions on their door-step. Now there is no brain drain, rather college students from across the globe come to Pakistan for education. We certainly have...



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