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Unit 4222-245 Understand the circumstance of supporting individuals with learning disabilities (LD 201) Level: 2

Credit worth: 4

UAN: K/601/5315

Unit aim

The unit is exploring the meaning of learning disability and thinks issues carefully linked with learning disability support. These include an awareness of how the attitudes and beliefs more affect individuals who have learning afflictions. The unit features themes of inclusion, human being rights, proposal, empowerment and active engagement and also views the central place of conversation in dealing with individuals who have learning disabilities. Learning outcomes

There are six learning effects to this device. The learner will: 1 . Understand the guidelines and procedures that support the human rights and addition of individuals with learning disabilities 2 . Be familiar with nature and characteristics of learning impairment 3. Be familiar with historical context of learning disability some. Understand the basics and practice of advocation, empowerment and active engagement in relation to assisting individuals with learning disabilities and the families a few. Understand how landscapes and behaviour impact on the lives of people with learning disabilities and the family carers 6. Learn how to promote communication with people with learning afflictions

Led learning several hours

We recommend that 35 hours should be allotted for this product, although patterns of delivery are likely to vary. Support of the unit by a sector or perhaps other appropriate body

This device is supported by Expertise for Care and Creation


This kind of unit should be assessed in line with the Skills to get Care and Development QCF Assessment Rules.

Outcome one particular:

1: People discriminate mainly because of their fear and lack of knowledge of other people since they are different. To stop discrimination it is vital to worth people and treat them differently but only in order to meet their...



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